If I can stand, I can walk. If I can walk, I can run... Across Mongolia.

Future Documentary

Strong To The Finish will be a feature documentary following the triumphs and heartbreaks of 40 year old Brian Hunter and his young family as he attempts to run 1,500 miles across Mongolia. It is a heroic test of physical and emotional endurance to raise funds and awareness for the children of Mongolia.

A character-driven film, Strong to the Finish juxtaposes Brian's idealistic family life, both at home and as they join him on the expedition, against the harsh reality of life on the streets in Mongolia.

About Brian


Brian is a former ski bum and disciple of Jesus, Lissa's husband, Selah and Kai's dad, and adventurer in the mountains. He is the founding and lead pastor of Tribe located in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming. Brian’s greatest passion is to build strong families and make disciples that can spread the love of God to the uttermost bounds of the earth. A graduate from Oral Roberts University and an ordained minister. Brian's motto - Strong to the Finish. Anyone can start the race, it's how you finish that counts!

Who we are

Strong To The Finish is a motivational phrase Brian has been telling himself in the mountains for decades.  Strong To The Finish means you have to keep going until you are done.  It means that even though you are tired, you can always squeeze a little more gas out of the tank.  It’s a reminder that when it gets tough others slow down or quit, but not you.  You keep moving, keep pushing, until you cross the finish line.

In 2012 Brian founded the nonprofit organization Strong To The Finish.  STTF exist to help people reach their full potential in life.  We do this through special initiatives like the Across Mongolia Expedition, books, motivational speaking, and other events.

The Book

Brian Hunter Strong to the Finish

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Thousands of children raising themselves in the city dump of the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. From eastern to western borders, 1,500 miles of bare, dry, dusty land. Thirty miles of running per day. Seventy-five days. And one yes. Those are the numbers that don't add up in the realm of possible, but that's where dangerous begins--saying yes to the impossible.

In this harrowing tale, former ski bum now local pastor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Brian Hunter recounts his adventure running across the country of Mongolia with his wife and two small kids in tow. As the story unfolds, powerful truths that can guide you on a similar road to becoming dangerous are outlined. From the initial decision to commit to doing something doctors told him was physically impossible, to the ultimate faith test to walk away from a steady income to support his family, to the traveling logistics that almost kept him from even getting into the country, to the treacherous trek in constantly changing climate on an unmarked road, to losing and miraculously finding his support crew multiple times, to facing the thousands of children living amongst the trash and filth of one of the world's coldest cities, Brian can say with authority: It's not about how you start the race; it's all about how you finish.

You, too, can become dangerous when you commit to doing life STRONG TO THE FINISH.

To learn more or contact Brian, visit www.strongtothefinish.com or www.tribejh.com.

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Strong To The Finish is a 501C3 non profit organization that is committed to helping the children of Mongolia.  A significant portion of funds from every book sold through our website will go to our ongoing efforts in Mongolia.  When you buy a book for $30 we will mail you a signed copy and your donation will be tax deductible.  

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It's not how you start the race. It's how you finish.