The inspiring true story of one man's 1,500 mile run across Mongolia to raise awareness for the country's homeless children.

A feature documentary by Emmy Award-winning Brain Farm, this film follows the triumphs and heartbreaks of 40-year-old Brian Hunter and his young family as he attempts this audacious border-to-border crossing, the equivalent of running nearly 60 marathons in 60 days. More than a colossal feat of endurance, Brian’s run is all about heart and selflessness. Upon learning about the masses of homeless and orphaned children living in dumps of the frigid city of Ulaanbaatar (UB), Brian feels the deep yearning to help. Abandoned by his father as a young boy and stricken with Polio he knows something of the pain they feel. How can he help? Brian decides to use his love for running to put the global spotlight on the human crisis happening on the other side of the planet. Its a heartfelt story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to effect change on the earth.