About the Expedition

During the Across Mongolia Expedition Brian and his family partnered with two specific organizations.  AME looked carefully to partner with the right people.  Each organization needed to meet several important criteria.

1.The organizations had to work directly with orphaned and neglected children in the capital city of Ullaan Baator

2.They had to be large enough that they are actual legitimate organization with structure and accountability

3.They had to be small enough that funds would directly go to helping theses children instead of being diverted to “administration costs”

Children’s Place Mongolia Orphanage:

This is an amazing place of light and love in the midst of drab, dingy, and gloomy city.  CPMO provides a home for 40 children aging from 4-17 years old. Each of the children at this home were abandoned by their parents through harsh and cruel circumstances.  They are also one of the few orphanages in all of Mongolia to take in children with special needs.  They care for children with developmental and physical challenges.  CPMO seeks to connect these children with forever families if possible, while providing quality love, care, and education for these children.  Just walk in the doors and you will feel an overwhelming sense of FAMILY.  When the Across Mongolia Expedition rolled across the county in 2013 they raised money to updated their kitchen facility, paid for the installation of a new heating system, and refurbish their playground.

Children’s Sanctuary

Raised in the city dump, only to escape and devote his life to helping other children escape the nightmare of the dump in the Gerr district Baska works tirelessly on behalf of orphaned children.  With his own money he purchased an empty lot on the edge of the dump and has created a sanctuary for children to come and find safety and a hot meal.  The AME team helped him purchase two additional gear tents to house workers and children in this important ongoing effort to aid these precious children.

Brian, his family, and his team are devoted to the ongoing support of these two organizations.  They believe in helping these children so strongly that a significant portion of the proceeds from the Strong To The Finish book will go directly to these organizations.

Buy a book, change a life.

Strong To The Finish is a 501C3 non profit organization that is committed to helping the children of Mongolia.  A significant portion of funds from every book sold through our website will go to our ongoing efforts in Mongolia.  When you buy a book for $30 we will mail you a signed copy and your donation will be tax deductible.